Arcana Vigilo

(i watch the hidden things)

Oracle Cards by kingcael
Based on The Magnus Archives by Jonathan Sims
Podcast by The Rusty Quill

There’s not much of a difference between wonder and horror.
Their root is fascination.

Give something a name and you give it meaning, but that can be a burden.

Drawing things that can be considered hideous or horrible or ugly with love can make them beautiful instead.

Without love, it cannot be seen.

Beautiful ugly, elegant body horror, break a body down to build it up again.

Look, then look again and tell me what you see.

“I think our experience of the universe has value. Even if it disappears forever.”
“What a lonely way to look at things.”

This set of works were based on the story and characters of The Magnus Archives, a podcast written by Jonny Sims, and produced by Rusty Quill.